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Anthroposophia and Syzygy

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Anthroposophia and Syzygy

Taken me awhile to get back around to it, but I wanted to reflect more deeply on the nature of Anthroposophia and Syzygy:

Anthroposophia has a 3-fold nature, which is difficult to describe. The closest descriptions I've read come from the Buddhist doctrine of the Trikaya. Anthroposophia manifests in terms of spaciousness (or "expansion"), temporality, and an understanding that suffering and bliss stem from the same source--wants/desires (a.k.a. attachment).

The purpose of Anthroposophia as I understand it is the reconciliation of past karma. Our past karma is presented out in front of us to aid in expansion.

Syzygy corresponds to the grand union of opposites as in Carl Jung's Anima and Animus. That is, union of the Divine Feminine aspects of ourselves with union of the Divine Masculine (or vice versa). With syzygy comes an overarching feeling of androgyny that is difficult to describe. It is the acknowledgement of the feminine aspects of our Divinity (if we are male) and the masculine aspects of our Divinity (if we are female). Therefore, with it comes the understanding that we are an embodiment of both.

This is, perhaps, the most in-depth talk on Anthroposophia that I've come across: Mysteries of Sophia

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