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Teal Swan Reflective Essay

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Teal Swan Reflective Essay

Hey everybody, before the holidays I was taking a class at my University where we got to write a reflective essay about an author of our choice and how they speak out for under heard and underappreciated groups of people. So I chose Teal to talk about woke shit and how woke folks always being misunderstood by all them fluoride junkies. It's a whole essay so take the time to read it if you want, I just figured I'd post it here to get feedback from people who actually know about Teal and her work. Gratitude ❤️




Teal Swan


“If we want Awakening within our species, we are going to have to recognize the things within us that we do not want to recognize…

The things we defiantly insist aren’t there.” -Teal Swan

After surviving years of ritualistic child abuse and being completely misunderstood for her trauma as well as her extrasensory abilities Teal Swan was still able to carve out her role in this world as a personal transformation revolutionary, earning herself the nickname, “The Catalyst” and leaving a lasting impact in the lives of many. Born with the gifts of Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, and Clairaudience as well as being a survivor of such severe childhood abuse she now uses her gifts and experiences to inspire millions of people towards authenticity, freedom and joy. According the biography on her website, “In 2014, Teal Swan founded a social movement based on THE PRINCIPLE OF AUTHENTICITY.” The ideology behind her authenticity movement is that today's fast paced modern world is built on pretense instead of authenticity. (Swan, 2018)


Personally, I recognized the need for authenticity as a child through this deep rooted feeling of there being something fundamentally missing in this world plagued with fake smiles and superficial intentions. Like something at the core of my being wanted so desperately to connect with the world in a real and tangible way, but I was met with nothing but walls in place of doors. I think to whatever degree we all feel this way, and we all want the opportunity to connect with each other on the basis of tangibility rather than insecurity, we just haven’t been shown how.


    This idea of creating a more real and authentic world is the foundation for the work Teal does through various mediums such as her various books, YouTube videos, and Synchronicity Workshops. The way I first found out about Teal Swan and her work was through one of her informative YouTube videos I stumbled across several years ago.  It was just after I’d graduated from High School and everyone I knew was running off to community college or universities in what felt to me like an existential panic. Having no clue as to what I wanted to do with myself after graduation I decided to get a part time job and figure things out in the meantime.


That was around the time when I enrolled myself in “YouTube University” rather than going to college, which is where I learned to meditate, studied conspiracy theories, became a vegan, and all kinds of other stupid woke shit. And with all that woke shit cluttering my YouTube channel’s algorithms, the recommended videos I’d receive began to reflect that. That’s how one day a video Teal had made around the effects of porn and masturbation slid up in my recommended feed, and since I was doing a lot of that at the time, I’d figured I should check it out. Funny as it maybe that was oddly enough the first glimpse I needed to start diving into her work even more, looking into her ideas around things like the Law of Attraction, how to change your belief systems, how to process emotions and a variety of other things like that.


    The main thing that struck me about Teal was her voice and how she wields such a no bullshit attitude with whatever subject she’s tackling. A great example of this can be seen in her quote about love where she says, “Love never hurt or deceived anyone. Only fear can do that. It just so happens that for most of us, our love is cradled in so many layers of fear that we can no longer differentiate between our fear and our love.” (Swan 2018) I love this quote because she doesn’t apologize for shit, stands firm in what she’s saying, and just tells it like it is. That’s really what authenticity is all about in my opinion. Authenticity is the polar opposite of bullshit, so Teal being the founder of a social movement based around the very principle of authenticity, it’s vitally important that she exemplify that in her work and how she carries herself in general.


To put it in simpler terms, it’s really all about “Practicing what you preach” and Teal’s a great example of that. She makes a point about being a “spiritual teacher” of our time and how spiritual enlightenment isn’t this realization of some perceived state of perfection, it’s an integration of divinity with our humanity. This is why being authentic is so important, because authenticity at its core is both an expression of our human quirks and faults intertwined with our divine essence. What this means for me is being able to see the value in all my imperfections, all my dysfunctions, all my perceived limitations and embracing those things as essential parts of what makes me who I am. No one ever taught me how to embrace who I am and all that I am with love and acceptance. Just like the rest of us, I had to figure that shit out on my own, which is why I gravitated towards Teal’s work.  After diving into myself and her work and with how much I know now I strongly believe that authenticity and authentic expression is exactly what not only ourselves but the world at large needs, and has always needed in times of conflict. (Swan, 2018)


The suppression of authentic expression, in a sense, is what has led to many of the movements of change for marginalized groups of people who had otherwise been forced to live repressed and inauthentic lives by the largely repressed and inauthentic world around them. On a deeper level, beneath all the perceived conflict and separation, human kind as a whole has been calling out for the integration of divinity with our humanity for centuries. It may appear to be scattered amongst the movements of different groups of people throughout time and history, but if we look at the trajectory of everything as a whole, we can see an underlying similarity of all these various motives for change, and that’s integration. Taking my own life into account I can attest to how every single challenge and shift I’ve undergone, no matter how big or small, has brought me into a greater understanding of my life in its entirety. Whether that be through the relationships I’ve with built with others, working to gain a greater understanding of my emotional process, or just challenging my own belief systems, it’s all played a role in bringing me into a more integrated way of being who I am.


That being said, I think it’s important to highlight the difference between healing and integration, as Teal makes the point of doing in her integrative work. Healing is when we see something about ourselves or the world as damaged, something that needs to be fixed, or simply just as something “bad” as opposed to “good.” Integration is seeing something that you or the world has created some form of separation around as an integral part of yourself or a part of the whole and moving to bridge that separation with the intention of oneness or unification. Stepping out of the mindset of seeing something like it needs to be healed and into the mindset of integration is a process. Granted, there are some aspects of our lives that are easier to integrate than others. Like for me emotional patterning and working with belief systems is easier than working with physical challenges such as my clubfoot or my hyperhidrosis in the same way.  I suppose we all have different areas of ourselves that are easier to work with than others though, which is why it’s important to remember that it’s always going to be a process no matter who you are or where you’re at in life. That’s another thing I like about Teal’s work is that it’s not tailored to any specific audience, it’s meant to be accessible to people from all walks of life, no matter where they’re at or where they’re coming from. (Swan, 2018)


  In one of Teal’s articles (2017), “Integration... The True Mission of God” she talks about importance of integration in a world where separation and duality run rampant. One of the main points of her article on integration was that humans have developed this polarized view of ourselves and our world based off of the idea of “good and evil.” The problem with this mindset is in seeing any one thing as good it naturally creates the opposition to any thing perceived as bad. This in turn causes the good to try and separate itself from the bad as much as possible and put all it’s efforts into defeating the other. It’s not too hard to see how this mindset has led to all the war and conflict we see in our world today and throughout all of history, and not only has this mindset lead to all the external conflict we see, but it’s also the cause of so much of our internal struggles as well. Because of our tendency to polarize the externals in our lives we easily polarize internal qualities of ourselves as well by placing them in the categories of either “good or bad.” (Swan, 2017)


What results is fragmentation of different aspects of ourselves. Certain aspects get suppressed and forgotten for other more desirable aspects to be seen and expressed. Given the nature of our dysfunctional social conditioning it’s only natural for fragmentation to occur in ourselves as well as in the structure of our global community at large. But, what is there that we can do about it? Conflict and separation is obviously what has gotten us into this mess in the first place, so what’s the opposite of that?


Love and integration. These are the principles of what embodiments of the divine such as The Buddha and Christ came to teach us. The message left to us by these messengers of the divine is this, we are being called to end this war between good and evil by integrating good and evil (Swan, 2017). This is also what the great leaders and change makers of our times have left us with. Ultimately wherever there is separation integration will be brought to light, as separation is only an illusion to the truth of our unified essence. What I’m saying is that while yes, we may perceive ourselves and our world to be separate and fragmented into opposing polarities, you can’t have one without the other. Call it yin yang, masculine and feminine, or simply just light and dark. It's only in partnership with their opposites that one can even be distinguished in the first place.


The interplay of duality within our lives brings rise to evolution and unification of opposites. A great example of this is the very evolution of society at large, and how from a higher perspective we’re constantly moving toward a more integrated cohesive world for everyone on this planet. It might not look that way all the time, but it’s not always easy to see things clearly with all the bullshit clouding our vision. The thing about bullshit though is, bullshit is always temporary and can never be sustained, but true authentic expression is timeless and self-sustaining.  These are just a couple things Teal has served to remind me of so I felt it important to remind others of this as well, because it’s easy to forget the bigger picture when we’re only looking at snapshots.


However, this isn’t to say that the struggles and conflicts present in ourselves and in our world today are invalid or narrow minded, for everything has its place in the evolution of the whole. Another quote I feel speaks to this is, “We will not be able to transcend anything by pushing it away from ourselves. We need to bring it closer. Treat it as part of ourselves and meet its real needs.” (Swan 2018) That’s the nature of integration, and hopefully given enough time humanity will be able to realize this and carry out a more authentic expression of our world and all its various aspects. Give it time and maybe one day we’ll see a brighter future for all of us, but we gotta start somewhere.


There’s a reason Teal’s work is tailored for self-empowerment and personal transformation, and that reason is clear. It all starts with the integration of the self. In recognizing the good and bad as two sides of the same coin within ourselves we can begin to view the external world in the same light. With enough awareness and authenticity, we can bring that integrated view with us wherever we go, becoming a vehicle of integration for the polarities around us. It may sound epic and superhuman, but it’s really quite simple, and I can argue from my own experience just how effective true authenticity is. When people see you in your true authentic self, it not only inspires but gives them permission to do the same. I’ve seen the impact its played in my life when I’ve embodied more of myself without apology and how that’s encouraged my family, friends and even random strangers to let themselves stand in their own unapologetically authentic expression. It’s really not that complicated, all it ever takes is to love, whether it be good or bad, and to let love take care of the rest.











Reference Page

Swan, Teal (2017). Integration…the true mission of god.

(2018)  About Teal.  






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