#1 personalities and #2 personalities

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#1 personalities and #2 personalities

I heard that at a recent Curveball retreat, Teal was talking about being a #1 personality (on stage, in front of the camera, at the center of attention) and needing to work with #2 personalities (people who want to help and be behind the scenes).  As a #1 personality who is a performer/artist and Youtube creator myself who is also the child of narcissists, I struggle to understand why everyone doesn't want to be a #1 and wonder what #2 personalities get out of working with #1 personalities.  I really want to hear Teal to a full on Ask Teal about this because I heard it was a powerful segment and I'd like to be attracting good #2 people into my life as partners and to form my own team of supporters.  Thoughts?  What do ya'll know about this?

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