Miracle Mineral Supplement/Solution (MMS)

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Miracle Mineral Supplement/Solution (MMS)

Hello everyone!

Has any of you tried MMS or NaClo2 and if yes, have you noticed any health improvements or overal better well-being?

First time I heard about it back in 2014 from Dr. A. Moritz. I was looking for lukemia/anemia/HIV cure for one of my cats and I came across this product - Oxy-PH Boost by NWC Naturals. It wasn't the only product I was using, so i can't claim for sure. In the end the cat had very peaceful death, had good appetite, was able to go to the litter box all by herself and never developed the terrible consequences of the disease like skin bleeding and something else, I don't remember all of that now. 

The pet supplement is the same as regular supplement suitable for human consumption, so our family also tried it.

I think the most positive effect I've experienced is when using 6-11 drops per glass of water during feeling of dehydration, headache, sinus pain, before going to bed. I can't say I'm very consistent with it but you are also not suppose to take it every single day.



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