Seeing synchronicities after someone passes away

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Seeing synchronicities after someone passes away

Hello All,

I really love this forum. I’ve been reading and appreciating the posts. Id be lying if I said I was a guru in the spiritual arts but I’d also be lying to say I’ve never explored spiritual divination. Somewhere in between. I’ve been studying yoga and meditation, and tarot for three years. I’ve just become more self aware of what I’m feeling and what’s happening around me. Just recently,I’ve encountered some unexplainable experiences and was reading a thread here:

and I began this deep read on synchronicity. 

Over the summer, a dear friend of a friend suddenly passed away. He was a very loved and brilliant artist. He was set to do an art show on my birthday in my birth town of all things this year and I was going to attend. I was really exploring his work and realizing how many similarities we had as people, and looking very forward to seeing his work in person and meeting him. It truly rocked many of our worlds when his young and untimely passing happened. I have never mourned the loss of someone I didn’t personally know. Just through his art and what I knew of him, I love and wish he was still with us. 

When he first passed, my friend asked me to do a tarot reading for him. Since I didn’t know him personally, I proceeded with respect and kept things very general. I figured if his energy was close and wanted to be reached it would come through. The answers chilled me, and still do, as it predated the autopsy report months ahead. Moving on, this week I was driving and listening to his music and I suddenly see a two different banners with his name on it. I laughed and then looked up and the first street exit was the state he was born it, and then I looked beside me and the car next to me had an out of state license plate holder with the city he was born it. Both btw, are not the state I live in. I was thinking “wow what a coincidence!” And it stuck with me all afternoon and then on the drive back, I see his name again on a different banner, and finally in bright red lights spinning his artist name! What in the world? His name is also not extremely common, and prior to his passing id never hear or see his name at all. 

Is this my conscience at work? Am I imprinting these synchronicities into my physical existence? Or have you experienced seeing synchronicity after someone passes away too? What could it mean? 

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