True Self Thoughts During Near Death Expierience

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True Self Thoughts During Near Death Expierience

I was in a very bad car accident. If not for the Airbag and seatbelt I would have died. my thoughts during the accident were very different from those that i have heard from anyone else.  I did not see light. I did not have my life flash before my eyes. The thoughts i had were very accepting and nonemotional and it felt as if i new this was coming but had no idea how it would happen. As if that was the only mystery left was what was going to kill me this time. Was it going to be glass the metal from different parts of the car. I even ran through my head a list of stray items flying around with me in the car. Was it going to be one of my precious rocks. Or the pen that ran out of ink that i didnt throw away. I was perfectly fine with the entire expierience until the powder substance from the airbag  resembled smoke and dieing by fire was not ok. Thats when my 3 dimentional self took back over and i found super human strength to kick my crumpled door open and flail from the car. I was screaming but it wasnt me. There was a emotion that seemed to simply be all emotions in one before i went back into my body. This expierience has reaffirmed my belief in my purpose. I did some research and i believe i am a earth angle on a mission. I think i know what the mission is but ever since i have been a bit bi polar on the subject and i feel like time is running out even though time is a 3 dimentional concept. I was hoping you could clarify what happened to me in a way i could understand so i can settle this up and continue my expansion. 

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"Settle this up?"... Yeah, maybe you can tell me, lol! I can relate to the "God is beating on me like a drum!" feeling--though I don't know why. It never seems to end; all we can do is be the best we can be. No one's perfect, but we "do the best we can."

It doesn't necessarily mean "you're on some important mission." Take a look around you, right now, that "mission" is quite literally "mission impossible." The only question left to answer is whether "Gotham is worth saving" or "is beyond saving and should be allowed to die." Ernest Hemingway once said; "The world is a fine place and worth fighting for." I agree with the second part.

But that still doesn't mean the world CAN be saved or that we have the right to change it. I look at this way, contact with the numinous gives us energy for life. It's that reason for getting up in the morning; it's a reminder when we're on autopilot. Take the experience in and be unconditionally present with it, don't fight it.

Right now, it sounds like you're running from it. Don't fall into the trap of escapism--walk into the eye of the storm. If you can do that, then you're ready for spirituality 2.0!

Remember: God is Mercy. Our quest is freedom.

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