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How do I charge crystals ?

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Not something I do personally. That is charge crystals. But, I have always been interested in all type of phenomena. Crystal skull, The Mayans, Big foot ... etc.  Just for fun.  Have a nice rock collection that I personally collected. Fossils plant impression found in the gravel of my driveway. A geoid from a visit to a museum. A lead crystal 'ball' from a hanging chandalier (I just like the smoothness of and shining a laser light through it, very relaxing).  Information gleaned from my hobby.

1. Why sunlight?  I've read about moonlight, too.

2. Came across some text referencing 'purging' or 'cleasing' them first.

3. Different crystals may require different methods of charging. Something to do with water in one case.

4. If you have more than one type of crystal, I read another claim they can be affected by how you store them and that certain crystals should not be in proximity to one another.

You got some research ahead of you. 

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