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Inter-dimensional aliens/vampires

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I highly recommend you be on medication if you have schizophrenia. A long-time friend of mine used to see demons often and he's a better person now after being on anti-psychotic meds. 

I can't say whether they are hallucinations or real spirits. I'm not an all-knowing person. However, niether is Teal Swan. Demons are not scared of Teal Swan. If I had to guess, I would say demons use her to tear apart families a break open hell on Earth. She's not a light worker in my book, I'll tell you that much. 


About Alex Jones... he is info-tainment. A lot of what he says is true regarding politics, but the stuff about demonic vampirism is left for speculation. Whatever Teal says about it, I don't really care. I don't trust what she says about anything anymore.




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I went to a Jehovah witnesses meeting twice. Now i;m just saying don't go. It's bad bevause we are one now. What, I mean is. There's real u and then there's a u that isn't u but when it gets inside u it makes u feel as one. Crazy. It isn't brainwashing, it's something else. I don't know if Teal is good or bad but she may not have an choice. It maybe that the real her is kicking and screaming while she does w/e she does. It is supernatural, these cults. I never want to leave jw;s and I am going to do whatever they want cuz it's a level of closeness I've never felt before. It;s all emotional/feelings ,not ego. What I'm saying is I am going fully going into this but it is super creepy and it isn't good probably imo but I feel so strongly one with them I can't not. Maybe I'm crazy but a beautiful man told me "I love you". A nice lady said that we are one, and so it's easy to love each other . I'm struggling here. To type. I can't/won't say anything bad about the other members. First visit was weird and not really pleasant. Second time, different. We rlike family second time and things above were said. I feel diif==ffeent inside. I can't hurt them but I'm just saying, it isn't their doctrine that brainwashes, their doctrine has nothing todowithit. Get what I'm saying? OK, big tangent this comment I know, I mean it's a big departure from the OP but I just happened to go to the second jw meeting yesterday. Is it normal for a beautiful ffs man to say he loves me and it felt normal? It was normal there. In that place. What I'm trying to say is: are people in cults that do crazy things retarded? It isn't retardation. It;snotreally them even. It isn't them. It's something inside them. Sorry for leaving this comment hear. I just can't accept this situation right now but want I am really trying to say is: these cults are powerful and it doesn't matter how logical or willfully you think you are. It is supernatural.

Edit. They gave a talk about living forever.  They believe they will. They said an amoeba clones itself and can live forever. It's a clone though, so the original dies. lol. Wtf. How is that living forever and why is that a good thing? Anyway, my inclination is not to question anything , just keep going and do whatever I'm told. Because I changed. Also, the guy who talks about black goo mentioned that ancestors (ghosts), (maybe only some of them idk), are clones created by aliens and are infused with ai. An ai that feeds off of life force of the living. He also speaks of an artificial holyspirit that is controlled by the ai. He says they feel the same. I don't think so but similar and I think we all have an "organic" holyspirit in us naturally. Anyway I really am nuts so take this for what it is.

Edit. Whatever I picked up is forcing my chakra right open. I can sense WiFi and stuff, which isn't very pleasant. I hate bluetooth headsets. My point being is that I can also feel when my chakra is being forced open. Just thought I'd mention.

Edit. Jehovah's witnesses, in their own doctrine, refer to themselves as faithful slaves. I want to be one now.  That's how it feels and the feeling is STRONG. 

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