Help finding oneself, purpose,

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Help finding oneself, purpose,

Hi Everyone

I'm new to spirituality but it completely changed my life. I will probably be asking a lot of questions on these forums, as I'm 26 years old and trying to find myself in New York City. Today I have a question especially for fellow artists and entrepreneurs..

I keep getting really awful offers. On eBay buyers make offers for less than half than the listing price, I'm only getting responses from low-paying clients for my writing services and job search, I'm not matching with the kind of people I want to match with on dating sites (not having much luck at bars either) and I know that this can all be explained in part by the fact that I am an amateur and need better photos, marketing materials, cover letter etc. It's painfully obvious that I'm a friendly, hardworking amateur to a lot of people who's very eager to do work. I am eager. I work fast. Sometimes too fast and that makes my work sloppy, ruins the moment on dates, etc. That and part of my problem is that I'm up for "anything" and then I get disappointed when anything keeps becoming unpaid opportunities or pyramid schemes or just really weird companies.

I want to work and play with people who share my values--or maybe I have to better define what my values are and project that frequency? How do I find that, or is it just a matter of being patient? What kind of routines should I develop? Some people have said I should meditate and let the universe tell me rather than my persistent asking--I'm sure by my writing style you can imagine how persistent and direct I am in asking. 

Over time, I have noticed a ton of improvement in myself and I do work hard every day but I'm also constantly spinning my wheels. I would love any and all guidance. 



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You sound like you're looking for a manual, what was it called? "Operating Instruction: How it all works."  As far as I know. There isn't one. Oh well, trial and error, I guess. Its a process called learning and it will take time,  attentive observation and honest reflection. It is helpful to acquire tools along the way. Here's one I acquired.

The pace at which you work should be guided by two things .

1. Always doing your best work. Distractions can wait. It is the first impression that can set the tone.

2. Be aware of what is required. Sometimes the deadline is more important where details may need to be sacrificed. Sometimes the accuracy is more important, so take your time. Communication to determine this is king.

Another good tool:

Prepare for the worst; Hope for the best.  Expect that things can take a twist, but be prepared to grab opportunity by the tail when it presents itself.

By the way, I listened to conversations over the years about pyramid scams. One thing that has actually gotten friends and colleagues 'thrown out of the room', hence saving them time and money, was very directed honest questions: What do I have to buy?  How are you making money if I come in on this?  What if I can't sell X?  Point is. Ask lots of questions. Even the simple ones will tell you a lot.

Good to hear your enthusiastic and sounds like a positive attitude. I don't know if you've driven in the snow. What do you do if your feel your wheels start to spin?  It might help to slowwwww down and become more aware of what is going on.

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