Stuck between two people! Resistance

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Stuck between two people! Resistance

Hello everyone, it would be great if you could  help me sort out my thoughts a little because I feel so stuck ...

I quite my 8 year relationship because I fell in love with a another man. With my new partner I suddenly have baby feelings and family visions which I never had in my previous relationship . Not that my previous relationship was unhealthy- he was also very lovable and care taking. I was 21 when we met so thinking about family things wasn’t relevant at that time. 

Im in my new relationship and it’s a very healthy and has a harmonious connection but I can’t let my old relationship go! I feel a lot of resistance and sometimes I have the feeling - “what am I doing here ? What did I do ? What do I do now ? A new man ?” This has been going 2 years now! I feel very split internal after I broke up and still feel split in my new relationship...

I’m having problems figuring out if my resistance is coming from a space that is scared of moving forward or because I want to go back to my previous relationship!?! 

Thank you for the opportunity to ask this 😊

Love and light Nadine



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