Resolving the pattern of my left ear

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Resolving the pattern of my left ear

Hi guys

My left ear got blocked around June. I've had this in the past where after a year or so it unblocked itself. Anyway, it came back again.

Then i had earphones, and the wire gets twisted so the left ear bud stopped working, later the right

I bought new earphones, a month later after having an argument with my mum, i punched my bed out of frustration, and later realised the left ear bud of my new earphones had banged against my laptop and broke when i did that

Left is to do with women obviously it's my mother, and blocked ear is to do with not wanting to hear reality relative to her. This manifestation is extending to my earphones too! 

Anyway... i've written down all my feelings relative to my mum and how it affects me. I just don't know what to do with that information to heal? I cannot really resolve my relationship with my mother because i cannot change her, we get along just normal mostly, but there's a lot she doesn't know about me and i'll be leaving for good in a years time. For the time being i'm still living with her and having issues with my left ear. 

How do i help my left ear to feel ok opening up and hearing again? What would you do?


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