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Disorganized Attachment

Teal, I'm hoping you can expand more on disorganized attachment style?

I watched the video from the Stockholm workshop (link) where you talk about anxious, avoidant and disorganized attachment styles. However, I don't quite understand the difference between the conditions that lead to avoidant and disorganized attachment styles. From what I understand, both are caused by giving up your personal truth and instead taking on the values, boundaries etc of the parent, so as to gain closeness. 

Having watched a lot of your videos and reflecting on my own life, I feel that I was "the golden child", meaning, abandoned my personal truth and identified completely with my parents' values, and was truly convinced that I am genuinely just like them. (now that I think of it - maybe the difference between what causes avoidant/disorganized attachment is whether or not you yourself believe the identity you adopted as being the same as your parents?... not sure..). The thing is, watching that video from the Stockholm workshop I was deeply identifying with all 3 conditions. So I'm assuming it means I have disorganized attachment style. But again, very unclear about the difference in what's causing it, since both them and the avoidants give up their truth and become "the perfect child" according to the parents' standards.

I'd love to hear if someone understands it more clearly and can shed some light on this topic. Would especially like to gain some momentum for this question so that Teal realizes there is an asking for it. Would you guys like to have an Ask Teal episode on that?

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