euthanizing sick/old/suffering pets??

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euthanizing sick/old/suffering pets??

I would like to know others opinions and perspectives about euthanizing our sick/ suffering/old pets.

I live in the Netherlands and here the forced, main stream opinion is that you commit a crime if you don’t euthanize your sick/suffering/old animal. And that you help them by 'ending their pain'.

I was kind of pushed into doing it by my hysterical vets and it was the worst experience in my life. (and I have had many, many, many  terrible experiences in this life) It just felt so wrong doing it even though everyone said it is ‘humane’. Since this awful experience I have nightmares about it every day and I would have not done it if I could go back in time. I feel so much remorse and regret, it was horrible really. I have a very different perspective on letting your own pet being euthanized now. And I really want to know other thoughts on this because it’s eating me alive. There was nothing humane about it and it felt as if I was holding and forcing my beloved pet who trusted me while it was fighting against the pain of the injections, and that those were the last memories alive.. the pain. I’m still sick of it. Everyone here says it’s so peaceful but that was not the case at all, it felt very unnatural and disruptive and wrong. Never ever will I just do that again, I’d rather let my pet die at home in it’s own time no matter how long that will take, and I will not see that as suffering anymore but just as dying and a natural process, and I will be there for them. Still I can’t take back what I’ve done and it’s killing me ☹  So please share your thoughts with me! Anyone who has had the same experience? Or a very different experience?

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Let me ask you this. Have you had many people pass away in your life due to old age? If so, did any of them come to a point where they could no longer function  autonomously and couldn't enjoy life any longer? IE. Couldn't move. Weren't hungry. Constant sores and pain. Having trouble breathing. How did they deal with it?  In my neck of the woods, hospice is often called in by the dying merely to ease suffering at the end. They weren't put 'down'!  Think in the same way.  Would you let your parent become listless and remain in extreme agony assuming there is nothing that can be done? You feel powerless. Yep. Or. Would you let hospice come in and ease the pain till the end? Think in the same vein.

Have no regrets.

My sister had a dog that was in pain, whimpering during the last days, until she took the dog to the vet (dog had cancer, worsening tooth conditions and an assortment of other complications causing a great deal of pain as the organs were in the process of shutting down). An injection eased the pain and slowly put he dog to sleep while my sister was with her dog. She said the dog would not look at her, but I saw it differently. That dog was a proud and fearless one.  I reminded my sister of that fact.  I know the dog would not want to be seen in her last moments in he condition she was in. Probably why some people and animals will isolate themselves at the end. Wander off never to be seen again or push away visitors (I've seen that too and some were at the other extreme and had a last party). Now, I'm glad the dog did not suffer. The dog was cremated and the ashes are still with my sister.

Once more with brutal but truthful honesty: Do you really want a DYING animal to suffer needlessly or are you just upset that your pet is gone? This is what being helpless, feels like.  Learn from it. Death will come for all of us one day.

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