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Why I'm here to protect you.


If you want to talk about what constitutes a conservative. Lets start another topic rather than hijacking some else's topic. Snap of the fingers and done. (Reason for this topic: a continuing conversation.)

1. Free speech has never been about preventing someone else from speaking any more than allowing a protest to shut down the protestee through soft or hard intimidation (picketers blocking a business entrance or harassing the customers or employees is not fine; handing out pamphlets is fine as this is the conservative way.)

2. Conservatives or Liberal or Progressives are not a homogeneous groups like many things in life. People can have differing opinions on many issues.

3. Fun sparring. I asked the question: "If this site were shut down tomorrow, what would you do afterwards? No answer suggests a minimum of two possibilities. 1. You don't know. 2. Deflecting to hide your motivations. Protecting people is just a secondary objective at best.  An answer would be nice so I can step out of the land of speculation.

4. Protecting people?  Protecting people usually doesn't consist of kicking them in the head verbally. I've read a few of responses to the people you claim to want to save. Was a verbal beatdown more than a caring hand. Try observing how many doctors, nurses, paramedics, etc... treat their patients in a hospital sometime.

Finishing up.  Let me extend my answer a little from the prior topic. Because I am naturally curious, investigation come natural. In order to investigate, you do need to interact in some way otherwise,everything is shear speculation.

What do we agree about? (Questions not statements)

The way migrations are occurring is not a good thing for any of the parties.  It is more akin to invasion. Viking, Gengis Khan or otherwise.

Racial divides still exist currently, whether or not you believe the gap has narrowed? 

Do you like that their is a racial divide?

Do you think it a racial divide is a  permanent feature?

I do like to see how Europeans are starting to stir.

I do like to see Americans have not given up.

Happy Thanksgiving. Welcome to your new topic. (since your on this site I suggest green, go green, not that I believe that hype)




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Grammar. That's great. Just like some of the Dear Abby articles. Also kinda sound like my English teacher. Content is king. Grammar is secondary. There are different schools of thought. The first punctuation allowed for natural pauses and stops and paragraphs for changes in thought. But I do agree the comma usually follows and if statement. Colon for lists. Semicolon are used to separate (pause) ideas in a single sentence or used to breakup complex groupings within a sentence.  

Free speech is not picketing on the grounds you don't own or getting into peoples faces trying to reach those grounds that you don't own. That too is a form of suppression. I am not a supporter of the bullhorn brigade staging protests at funerals, especially when they are for soldiers or police killed in the line of duty. That's just plain wrong. What do you think about bar fights? Does the owner have a right to throw the participants out and ban them? What about the cake shop owner or any owner for that fact? Should they be allowed to refuse service for something offensive to them? There is a separation of how free speech is defined depending on  if it is a public place or private place. That's can become defining of public or private place can also be somewhat of a slippery slope: When is an entity granted the status of private? That is currently an ongoing debate for another topic in another section.

Average people are not purely conservative or purely liberal. And its not a lifetime stigmata. People change over time and with experience. People tend to become more conservative and less of an idealist over time as what was once thought impossible does happen. Example, I'll never see a volcano erupt in my lifetime. It's safe. Tell that to Hawaiians.  I agree that I wish it would occur more rapidly. Solve a lot of problems.

Give me your definition of conservative. I'd bet I could find someone who thinks your too liberal. What and all with you posting on this site. That's alone is enough to indict you of being a true new age junkie. Do you own a lava lamp? LOL This is fun.
The question: What would you do if the website was shut down? Dancing a jig? Fist pumping in the air? Targeting other sites perhaps. I could get a list together of a few others sites for you to visit. (I'd have to search for them of course.) I'm sure they would appreciate the additional attention and care that you would certainly show and you would be protecting even more people.

Read it again verbally beat down. What am I? You're lackey. You're doing exactly that right here. Only its pathetic like beating your head against a steel wall.

Of course I care about the planet, but I understand science well enough to know that too much of it is money driven and not based on sound science. Too much speculation and if you research deep enough, there are pockets being lined at our expense. What ever happened to the CFC arguments. The sky is falling. We are all gonna get skin cancer. A lot of BS to force sales in the competing refrigerant industry. Funny that I work in a company that does environmental engineering. LOL

I am a card carrying Republican. LOL Would you like my membership number to verify? LOL

The reason for the title.

I'd like to see you advertise your services. I didn't know what title would like. Protector of all.  No. You said just the innocent. Protector of the Innocent. That wouldn't draw attention to newcomers. I think it needs to be in the form of a question to get the attention of newcomers and draw them in.  You would need to add tags to help attract even more innocent people to your topic and try to save them from themselves. You do want to increase your effectiveness, don't you? If you like the idea, go with it or just toss the idea in the trashcan. Enjoy.

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On 11/25/2018 at 12:14 PM, MistaRender said:

I've been banned more than four times on this forum. That's suppression of free speech. If you have an issue with that, take it up with @Garnet and Teal Swan. 


You are not "banned". You are restricted from posting. You are free to visit and read the forum.

I am giving you 10 days to cool off and rethink how you respond to people. Check back next Wednesday.

I have not deleted, nor modified your last post on "Patriarchy" that caused your restriction. It is still there for everyone to see.

Free speech doesn't mean you can be a jerk whenever you want. I hope you watch your tongue around your mother, gf, friends etc. and give more respect than you show here.

Continuing doing the same thing always leads to the same results.

Adapt and learn to avoid being restricted while saying what you want.

My advice to everyone else is to use MistaRender's presence to learn how to respond to people like this in real world setting. Can't really do it without thicker skin.


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