Anatomy of loneliness.

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Anatomy of loneliness.


can someone help me with the first steps in the first process in the book, «Reversing the process of fragmentation»?

I don’t understand number 3..

1. First I figure out what I hate in others: People that don’t consider other peoples feelings

2. Positive intetion: when I considered other peoples feelings I got love

3. But what about nr. 3?? 

It wasn’t dangerous to be the oposite, it was «safe». 


Help... :) 

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Ok, is this right ?:

1. I don’t like people being ignorant to other peoples feeling

2. When I don’t consider other peoples  feelings I get to stay safe of handeling difficult emotions

3. When I considered others peoples feelings ( my parents feelings) I got overwhelmed, and that was dangerous. 


Can someone give me an example of how to go about this? English is not my first language..




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