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Dreams of Saturn

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I've never felt this from a dream before

It was in the middle of night and we were in the the street and I'm looking up at the sky. 2 other people talking.. man and a woman, I dunno who they were but I was with them and I dunno why. I faintly see the moon, its grey mostly seeing its outline. Then it looks like smoke is coming off it and lil sparks. I say "it looks like the moon is on fire" then it keeps moving overhead us. It suddenly transitions into something bright and illuminated, the sky lights up around it. Its Saturn! This is where the intense feelings come. It was beautiful. It keeps moving overhead of us and then time starts speeding up as it moves. Days into night, night into day and it keeps doing this as we watch it. Then it passes the sky and the speed up of time stops.

I wake up immediately after and feel so much magic so much light.

I'm grateful for the experience, I thanked the universe for it. I wonder what it means? Maybe its a sign that my Saturns return has ended (I'm 30 btw)

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People dont really like Saturn, especially those who know about astrology. But actually Saturn is not harsh or however people paint it to be. It's actually very loving 

Generally its a very good sign if you have a good relationship with Saturn energy. Did you have a hard time at the secnd square at 21? Did you have it in the 8th already? : D

I felt cold energy towards it even before knowing anything about astrology. But now i have no more resistance towards it


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