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Anyone had an experience with cataract surgery..!!

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Anyone had an experience with cataract surgery..!!

Hi, I got to know a few years ago, that I was developing cataracts. I was in my late 40s, which is pretty early. In the past couple of years, it got worse, especially in my right eye. So I scheduled surgery a couple of months ago and now it is scheduled for next week.

Everything I have read about cataract surgery says it's a routine surgery and most people come out of it exceptionally well and extremely happy with the results. Still, it's my eyes, so I am nervous. They are doing cataract surgery on my right eye first. When I am reading, to see anything with that eye I would have to use the largest font. It's still blurry. My other eye isn't nearly as evil as right eye.

Can some of you please share with me your success stories, mainly if your vision was as bad as mine? Besides everything, I've read and the fact that my surgeon is excellent, I am still nervous. If you have any experience, I would like to hear from you. Please share it with me.

Thank you.

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