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Casper F

What is life like in other dimentions/planets

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What is life like in other dimentions/planets

Does anyone here know what everyday life is like in other dimentions? Like what do Pleadeians or Arcturians or Reptilians do on their home planets?

Teal talks a little about those species in different interviews, but always just briefly and mostly about their relations to humans and earth. I know that there are a range of other youtubevideos about aliens by other aurhors, but it is really hard to tell which ones are reliable and which ones are fiction which makes them more or less useless... 

I have submitted a question to “ask Teal” about it, but on the other hand I know that she finds those things less relevant than tools to improve our lives, so it is probably a long shot...

I am also training for Astral projection, but have only gotten to the vibrational state yet. However when I do succeed, I will definitely visit some of the benign alien planets. Has anybody here tried that? And if so, what was it like?

Best regards Casper

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