What is my purpose?

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31 minutes ago, Kevin Sun said:

It's reduced suffering. How about that?

Let me clarify; 

So you living your purpose has reduced  suffering?  



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As far as our particular individual purpose:   We may never know.  But each life touches the lives of so many other people.

”You matter.  You’re important.  You’re loved.  And your presence on this earth makes a difference, whether you see it or not.”

As far as “the meaning of life” I have no idea.  But as far as “what seems to bring life meaning” I would say two or three things (1) learning, growing, making a contribution to the world as an individual.   Have a career. Put yourself out there.  But as you get out there as an individual you might find that you’re kinda lonely.  So  (2)   Connect with people.  Love and be loved. Share your stories, share your joys and your troubles.  Go deep and let the walls down.  And possibly (3) connect with something bigger than yourself.  Whether you call it God, Source, or Oneness.  Connect with it. 

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