Poetry time (trigger words for some)

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Poetry time (trigger words for some)

These words that I speak

might seem a bit emotional, but I’m far from weak.

The shit I’ve gone through, you’d think I was talking about a movie

where it’s like inception, and everything isn’t really what it should be.

My subconscious screams at me while I’m holding this knife

metaphorically slicing myself up while attempting to make things right

With my experiences, the person I was, and the person I am now

Funny we are all the same person but separate when the other one is out.

Tired of boxing myself in my head

Wishing this tired ass bitch would just go to bed.

Whatever I resist happily persists

Teal Swan said it best

 so that’s why she is whole and I’m still a fuckin mess.

I will continue on my journey not sure of the outcome

Some think you need money, but guess what? I’m going to do it without none.

This is one of my gifts and I’ll gladly share it

most of you are like this forum’s not for poetry but only for healing magic.

Laughter is some of the best medicine my friends please use it to your advantage

That way you can ease into yourself without feeling more damaged.

I love you all and I just wanna be clear,

This poem is for those struggling with wanting to be here.


With all my love,


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