Finally Understood

Hello everyone, I'm new and this is my story.

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Hello everyone, I'm new and this is my story.

Hi everyone and hopefully Teal too.

This is the first time in my life I feel understood.  I'm an HSP and think may have intuitive gifts (maybe due to my keen awareness).  I've been binge watching Teals YouTube videos for the last 2 weeks now and am blown away.  Obviously I have issues and had been seeking ways to correct my issues with people when I came upon her as a guest speaker on a podcast.  Everything she spoke of resonated so deeply.  I was abused as well as a child and although my type of imprisonment/abuse wasn't  as extreme as hers, it still left deep wounds that are triggered when I deal with people constantly.   Her teachings have given me a great understanding of myself and my issues and applying her steps have helped me more than any other therapy.  Her teachings help to reinforce my intuition of the fact that we are all the same, hurting children crying out to be loved in our own unique desired way.  Her understanding of vibrational frequency and help with how we can change that for ourselves for our various hang-ups is salvation for me and so many others  (checkout all her followers ).  Hopefully and I pray this will spur on a revolution that will heal people and eradicate dangerous biases, prejudice, and hate developed from our insecurities, allowing us to freely and fearless move forward as the creative beings we were intended to be.

May healing be with you.

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