We all need validation

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I might share a poem of sorts relating to this...


I did a bomb in the placid lake

it takes time now for the water to still

I was sent a message "the world would have less colour if you weren't in it"

Mind dropped involuntarily and allowed the message to be for me!

The message came via my Mum (passed over)

It felt like her

It was her who came to me

The sign was not the message

It was in the reflection of how comforting the message was and how it immediately brought me to tears

I realised the search for validation is strong in me

I seek care, understanding, respect, love, compassion, soothing that of a mothers

I am conditioned

I am attached

I see it

The time being okay with it is done

No choice

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"Validation" from others, I feel, is just a form of agreement from others who we happen to see eye to eye with on something.

While it is nice to have validation, I don't think we necessarily have to wait for someone else to validate us before proceeding with something.

At the end of the day, It's what YOU think, feel, believe and say about yourself that matters, NOT that of other people. YOUR internal guidance is what matters most.



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