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I am repelled by Crystals? Why=(

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I am repelled by Crystals? Why=(

Hello everyone,

I love crystals, I really do.

In fact I vividly remember my past lives in Atlantis (while I define it as a past life, I just feel that it IS currently experienced by a fraction of my consciousness in another reality in the NOW).

 I vividly remember that I was an Initiate, a senior sort of priestess who was mentored to work with crystal grids in order to maintain the energetic balance of the entire continent.. I do remember the huge beautiful crystal I was working with which was actually maintaining a stable temperature in Atlantis - which was destroyed- which then corrupted and broke the sort of crystallized energetic dome established by us over the continent. ( for the purposes of maintaining an optimum temperature for the plants, nature, us and animals).. Ah, those lovely creatures were freely wandering at the time..

Anyway..enough with sentimentals.

I am sort of blocked and VERY scared (for no obvious reason) in terms of my psychic abilities- that is another issue- I will ask about in another category. I was given a vision about how I worked with Amethyst to improve myself back then, I was putting the Amethyst right on to my third eye chakra while I lay down..and meditated.

Since my childhood, I bought lots of crystals and they just dissappeared, or they just repelled me after I purchased them.

So, giving it a shot one more time after the vision, I just bought a new set of crystals which I was attracted to at the store.. And now,  I can't work with them..I do not feel their energy...but the strange thing is I immediately feel repelled by them after I bring them home for collaboration.

Why do you think this happens? And how can I improve my relationship with the crystals? The thing is, I do not even know if I am supposed to.

Many thanks.







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