Stages of life when we feel we regress and lose self and purpose

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Stages of life when we feel we regress and lose self and purpose

G'day and peace

Been going through a slight feeling of regression. From years in the big smoke. To being back in my home town. Dealing with the Psychosis that be. Negative elements acquired in life. Sitting at the folks. Wondering what I am gonna do in the future. I am there. But the elements of self such as bursts of optimism and happiness is less so. Can be dead depressed silent. Then burst out laughing. Depression does not equal the inability to laugh for me.  I know who I am. My outlooks on life of a small amount of time before. But feel detached from them. Dont let situations like this be a time to delve into your own self pitty. A pessimistic view of life. The window is always there. The time to rebuild and grow. The teachings of all teachings. Set constantly within the path. 





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