Lleo Oneiro

No More Love

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I can see

See the signs

I've been waiting here for you
but nothing's getting through
Up in the clouds
Praying I can turn
Turn myself around
A year ago
I gave it a year
I hoped it wouldn't happen
Now it's here
It took so long
I can't carry on
I know the reason that you left me
You had nothing more to give me

No more love

I can see 
See your eyes
I can feel your heavy stare
I run my fingers through my hair
I AM HIGH as one can be
And I hope I won't come down
I hate when I come down
A month ago..
I knew you lied
Took my life into your hands
You just don't understand
How it feels to be free
I Know the reason that you left me
You had nothing more to give me



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