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When am I ready for Spirituality 3.0?

I feel tired of feeling depressed. I started questioning if I have what it takes to do Shadow Work anymore. I've been doing Shadow every single day since August 13th of this year. I feel ready to start to feel better, but I understand the goal is not to try to feel better, but to be unconditionally present with WHATEVER I’m currently experiencing on an emotional level. I feel like I need to nurture myself  and take care of my unmet needs. And maybe I’m misinterpreting the process as “force yourself to be sad until you cry and then force yourself to heal it!” I currently feel the need to raise my vibration, do things that make me feel loved and cared for and make myself happy again. And if negative emotion arises, I have all the tools and awareness to be present with it and not try to escape that feeling. How do I know when I will be ready for Spirituality 3.0?


I suffer from rejection wound, abandonment wound and issues surrounding self worth.

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I really don’t know much about shadow work, but I doubt that it is “force yourself to feel sad until you cry and then force yourself to be happy”.  

I am a bit more familiar with the Buddhist practice of vipassana.  This is where you meditate on the present moment and if thoughts come up you let them but you sit with the thoughts and emotions without letting them carry you away.  If you do find yourself getting carried away then you need to come back to some sort of anchor which might be paying attention to your breathing.  The goal is to learn mindfulness and equanimity.  This is the ability to feel your emotions while still remaining calm and in control.   I’m not saying I am good st it   I’m probably not very good at it.




mental calmness, composure, and evenness of temper, especially in a difficult situation.

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This may be a simple answer but sometimes the simple answers are the best:  be a kind and loving friend to yourself.   If it was a friend of yours who was going through exactly what you are struggling with, you would likely tell the friend “don’t be so hard on yourself”.  You would show the friend compassion and support.   But for some reason, we sometimes don’t do that for ourselves.  We beat ourselves up and it really doesn’t help.

Ask yourself “what would someone who hates themselves do?”  If you think you are behaving this way then stop!

Then ask yourself “what would someone who loves themselves do?”.  They would be supportive, compassionate and nurturing and help themselves get through whatever it is, in a kind and loving way.

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Hey. I totaly relate with your question! It's something I ask myself as well.

I've been very attracted by Shadow Work, I wanted to feel all the misery inside of me, go to the deepest point of it,  to extrude it and ultimately disolve it... but I realised that trying to do it too much was making me actually even more depressed, and that it can be quite brutal when we're not ready... I want to badly to get to Spirituality 3.0 that I didn't realise that what I needed, was probably... some Spirituality 101!

A part of me, my "Spiritual self", is obviously not very pleased with that. "You should be more advanced than that!" "You have to accept everything as it is, not trying to feel good!" "This is just some stupid positive thinking that doesn't heal the core of the wound!!!!!" (*sigh*), he says... Of course, there is some truth in that, but it's also a tyranny, and a very violent one.

As Scot said, what is important is to be kind with ourselves. So for me it's back to basics ; letting the light in, learn how to love myself (my Human and limited self) and do what makes this Human part happy (I haven't let that be for a long time, thinking it was "spiritual"!). Then, when I'm ready (and full of light!), I'll go back to Shadow Work, and then Spirituality 3.0 eventually.

I started to get interested with non violent communication, to learn how to speak to my different Selves more kindly, might be helpful for you too 😉

All the best!


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I just read this post and see that it's been a while... so just in case if it is still relevant I would like to add that trying to do shadow work and  simultaneously physically doing the opposite to what the resolution is, most likely is going to get a person to nowhere. 

You feel most ready for anything  when both mind and body are pulled into the same direction. 

If you feel your mind is ready, but physically you are not moving or as if you have lack of energy , then it is either a block, or something else is going on and perhaps it is draining your energy such as food or other activities if any. 

If you feel you are physically ready but your mind is stopping you, then usually any action feels like it's been forced and you don't experience as much happiness and satisfaction with your accomplishments.

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