My daughter has unexplained abdominal pain

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My daughter 13yr has unexplained abdominal pain

I have channeled some of her pain which has given her a lot of relief just recently, once I saw Teal do it and basically copied that. This pain began when she was just 10 after she contracted a UTI and was prescribed antibiotics, so that's what I thought it was in relation to but I was wrong. After going in and out of the ER for 3 months, they preformed every test imaginable. Ct scans, MRI's, Ultrasounds, Colonoscopy, and a Endoscopy NOTHING. So I was tested in a sense that made me connect to her far more than my own mother ever connected with me (off topic). I took her to a kinesiologist who said she had foods she was sensitive too, but no matter if she ate or not for days this pain persisted. They took out her appendix to biopsy it to see if it was the chronic version, but that wasn't it either. The pain calmed after that, it started back up a few months later more manageable, but now it is worse again. I wish I could channel her pain better and I know it is difficult for her to let herself go sometimes, she thinks of it like being eleven from stranger things. Please as a mother I would appreciate any insight, wisdom, and love. Thank you for reading.

With all my love,


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