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Symbolisms in dreams.

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Symbolisms in dreams.

For me. Primarily this is were my mind probably find the time to work on perceived problems. Abstract enough not to cause a reflexive avoidance. If avoidance is there, it is  indicating something you don't want to think about  and obviously not able to simply erase what you have  seen, heard,  thought or imagined. Eespecially if its disturbing, confusing, or unclear.  On occasion, some of the dreams were like a premonition  and made some wild predictions that came to pass. 

Average hours of sleep: Not a bad idea to measure how active your mind. Has the time of the sleep cycle increased or decreased? Are you simply overwhelmed? I don't think so. Just born with a dynamo of a mind. My sleep cycle decreased by high school to about 5 hours.
Was told I was an easy baby. I slept solid 8 hours. Was not fussy. But once awake, I stayed awake. No naps. To reinforce what I am describing. A little pre kindergarten history. The caretakers had two groups. Older kid and younger kids. I started out in the latter. When the other kids were placed in a crib for nap time, that was not for me. Boom Boom Boom from the second floor. I got the other young ones to rock their cribs together. Guess that didn't work too well. They tried to put me on a cot with the older group. Not having it. I kept waking the others up to play. They finally just took me on errands  during nap time. I still remember going to the shoe store with 'Uncle'. Also with him when I was helping to close a folding chair and my finger got pinched.  Anyway, not much has changed. Still a light sleeper. Mind too busy. Much to do.

Another day at the office:
Quite a few of the dreams were simply a clone of daily work. Almost felt like I get up for work, come home, go to sleep (part of the waking hours), work, come home, go to sleep (sleep cycle). What the hell, I just got back from work?  Add some occasional confusion trying to get out of the city, going in circles for quite some time before everything resumed to a normal flow again. This was like a groundhog day type of dream. Over ad over. A little different each time.  Probably trying to figure out if I needed a change of course.

Flying, Ufos:
Just out of curiosity, I just wanted to get an overview of everything and  started out running  down the driveway where I grew up and was getting higher and higher off the ground.  This evolved over many sleep cycles into  bounding leap to start flying. It was during this time I was still not very high off the ground and had to watch out for the damn utility poles and wires. Sometimes I just liked to leap off of small hills onto tall industrial buildings and leap about before flight.  Remember barely being above fireworks  levels when I started to dream of ufos in the distance. Airplanes would chase them off.  Eventually those same aircraft  would battle them and kept them a bay.  More sleep cycles and developed a  desire to see just how high I could go, but couldn't break the atmosphere. For a time at least.  I did finally break through. That was the last time I would recall flying.  

Now during my waking time and during  meditation, I get the feeling that my mind has had a long journey, away from Earth, out of the Solar System past Pluto and the Ort cloud.  Out of the galaxy, Past other Galaxies, roughly 10 billion light years from here approaching  the edge of visible space. Kinda where I'd be now if technology was where it should be, exploring!

Tornadoes were in dreams. Let me paint the scene a little. There was color but more of a dystopian grunge look. Not much light like twilight approaching dawn. Building were dilapidated but livable. I'd go outside and off in the distance a tornado would form. Not just one, they came in bunches. If the first was in the north, Another to the South, the west, the East, the southeast, etc... Varying distances from me. Never saw people or animals harms. Trees uprooted and the ground disturbed. Never scared, more annoyed. Would seek a quiet place for shelter. More sleep cycles and the landscape changed to a small city size. An some of the tornadoes, no more than one at a time would come down through the building settling right in front of me. Tore the hell out of the building. That was the extent of the damage.

Tornadoes often represent chaos, something not in your control, destructive, but must be interpreted with other elements. Many tornadoes appear one after the other. A lot of stress. Pile it on. The need for shelter but not in panic. Wish for peace, security, safety. A place to meditate. Only objects and not people or animals destroyed. The guardian aspect of myself. Harm? Not on my watch. A need to solve the problem before it  results in such damage. The lack of fear when confronted with a tornado in your face. Have prepared myself to meet the chaos head on. Let's roll. I've come to terms. Resolution.

Eerie predictions.
I grew up near a nuclear plant,  a few miles outside of the 10 mile radius.  Boiling water reactor with no cooling towers , until the third plant was built. Always curious, I've read  a lot about the different types and configurations of nuclear plant and read some of the thing that could go wrong. I even knew the  dome was designed to take a direct hit from a fully loaded 747. But the symbolism in this dream was not like anything I'd read about. I'm up on a hiil. A dark dystopian sky with black cloud. The plant with the distinctive dome off in the distance. Something was wrong. A giant hand reached out from the clouds and tore of the dome and the top of the reactor. Death and contamination filled the air like a radiant wave of heat,  At the very, was the unnerving image of an old man with a pitchfork and an old woman standing next to him, like that famous portrait. Always gave me and uneasy feeling.  That dream happened occurred before Chernobyl. The Russians partially dodge a far worse bullet in this disaster as luck would have sand beneath the reactor stopped and all out meltdown from going to far. Fizzled out before it burned into the ground. Now just a glassy extremely radioactive mess.

A jarring experience.

For the last dream a lot of surrealism going on. Driving in my truck. OK.  Why is another truck driving in the grassy median.  I speed up.  That truck appear to stop. I look forward again. What the hell. An overpass. I'm headed to the concrete separator in the middle. BOOOM.   Talk about a head jarring, head snapping adrenaline filled moment. I was actually sweating when I woke. Was a good thing. I missed my alarm, but was not too late. This was probably just the body saying, wake up stupid. Kinda odd because I usually don't miss the alarm clock and usuaaly wake up a few minutes before it goes off?

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