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I apologize if I'm not correct on this reply but it appear to be study on the supernatural elements of that location in Utah "skinwalker ranch"

I'm knowledgeable in many areas, but what exactly do you want to know about the topic "Encounter X" anything specific you wish to know, I'd be happy to assist your study

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When listening to stories about aliens what makes it believable or not for you?

If we consider the fact that these stories have been around for a very long time, then every person by now should have experienced at least once face to face some type of alien contact. Even if we don't recognize it.

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There are many theories on aliens being here with some evil genetic agenda. If it is true, it reminds me of the scenario that Stefan Molyneux talks about in his video titled "The Roots of Female Evil" part 3, where he goes into examination of our ancestral ways of being: men go to hunt and to war; women take care of home and garden; if of the result of war one tribe takes over another tribe => men/children die or turned into slaves; women are used to procreate and establish the new dominance by the winner.

It is well known that a woman can hate to death her rapist, but there is a high chance that she will take care of his baby. The only time this doesn't happen is when she chooses to die before the child is concieved/born or if the child is born, someone else raises him.

One of the brightest examples of this happening in the history was Cleopatra.

Although history around her has been twisted many times for tourist entertainment, the main line is pretty clear.
Considering the time period she was born into, this young woman was able to bend the reality of hard core establishment in a way that not only people of Egypt recognized  her unlawful son as the next ruler of Egypt, but Ceasar himself recognized Caesarian as his son and the next heir of Rome. 
Parental love of Kings and Queens has not been very common throughout the history, unless it had some political value. Many royals gave up on their children for their own convenience and status. Also let's not forget that Egypt was under Roman' s pressure at that time thanks to Ceasar.... So accepting Caesarian should tell you something. This was a big thing for Ceasar and could only be done out of love for him. Fatal love,  unfortunately. 
This is why, I think, Octavian and his crew feared Cleopatra and Caesarian possibly taking over Rome for real. So they aimed for Ceasar and blew the ground under Cleopatra's feet.
Next was Mark Antony.
And when he died, Cleopatra set an example of a woman who will rather die than submit under imposter's triumph to be his trophy.


In the video Stefan carefully touched the subject of female suicide. However didn't go deep into it which is, of course, the matter of another sad discussion. 




Honestly, with the way some of the things are going from artificial insemination to attempts to raise embryos in artificial wombs...  plus, I am sure all of us eat GMO'S  here and there either consciously or without even knowing, so I would say humans are unfortunate product material of the world's economy  and it would require some serious adaptation and skills to not fall back way far behind:

- going back to farming/food preserving

- building/construction 

- making clothes 

- preserving books/education/art 

- etc.           has always been essential for humanity.

Remember that history is written by those who win.


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