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I am feeling nostalgic and sentimental listening to the reading of Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy, translated by Nathan Haskell  Dole (1886).
The slow pace and the gentle sound of a soft female's voice beautifully intertwines with the words of the book bringing the characters alive in a playful movie scene of the mind...
Fall favorite ❤


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is it? i remember the times it was vivid. a true tribe. but it was before the time of this forum. the one she gave up to make this new better one, more in line.


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22 hours ago, Chakra said:

This forum is a ghost town.. Teal talks about mirrors a lot hmm 

The older I am, the more dead people I know)


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@Chakra Some say.... that ghosts and spirits can not see themselves in the mirror. 

And how could they?

Weightless... transparent... shadowless body form

The mirror belongs to the mortal realm

different from the spirit side

It is the eye of the one witnessing the spirit who sees its reflection image in the mirror))


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 I've been as I am and I've been living life. or life's been living me, not sure, same thing anyway.  Life and I are doing good, getting nicely along . I see you are still holding the door open here and the fire on.  Nice of you to do that. Ever sweet Garnet. 

enjoy life

and come in a hug,


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Listening to "War and Peace" (also by Leo Tolstoy) while cooking, dominated the flavour of the final dish with sweet notes and harsh undertones. Definitely not the same experience as with "Eat Pray Love" where the title speaks for itself. The velvet touch of the reader's voice and easy plot to follow made it a pleasure to set about my duties while being lost in another world. Ladies, if any of you are listening, try cooking with that book and see if your man notices the difference in flavour and presentation. Wink. The narator's description of the food has given me a world class diploma in the culinary arts of my kitchen.

As to "War & Peace", I am pleasantly surprised by the recording of the famous book.

I wish I had less homework back in high school and more time to read.

The depth of four heavy volumes was quite challenging for me at that time, to say the least. As my brother used to say , reading under the "threat" AKA "good grades" made it even harder resulting galloping through the pages instead. And if it was not for a detailed character analysis we had to do, I'd probably opt out much sooner.... which i kinda did at the end. Reading Volume #4 felt like being in crutches. So eventually I said Hell with it and reached for a short version instead.

When I hear people asking for book recommendations on relationships, I often think back in time and the books I was reading (or had to read)


Every book-worm that I know has a decent reading relationship-based book background they are thankful for. And "War & Peace" is absolutely one of them. God bless my husband's heart for trying to read that book [as he nods his head beside me]

I would like to take a moment to aknowlege the beautiful era of 1800's

Romance... Elegant dresses... Gallant manners... High etiquette... and exquisite taste are the backbone behind inspirations in literature and art of this time period.




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Howard Pyle was among most popular influential illustrators and storytellers, who is sometimes referred to as the "Father of American Illustration" at the end of 19th century during a period of explosive growth in the publishing industry. However, he seems to be forgotten today among modern writers such as JK Rowling.

I've recently been dedicating some time to H. Pyle's books and art. I discovered an audio version King Author on YouTube  and I thought I would share my joy and tears of this beautifully written tragic story.



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