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HELP! How do I contact my Higher Self?

I'm having an incredibly difficult time with my childhood abandonment wounds and rejection. I am obsessed with my pain, the wound is making itself known for the sake of integration. Shadow work has taken a toll on my stress level. I've read the completion process and repeated reading several parts, every single day I watch Teal Swan videos on my issues, I listen to hypnosis and meditation during my sleep almost every single night, I keep a journal of how I'm feeling, I try to drill self beneficial affirmations into my psyche every single day with repetition, I've faced what role I played in my issue. I need help. I'm not suicidal, I need my guides, I need my Higher Self, but my vibration is unusually low. Im obsessed with trying to get away from this pain! I need clarity, I need to understand what is going on! I wonder if I need to take on a vegan diet in order to contact them? I had a Spiritual Awakening in 2011 and my diet was terrible, so maybe not? I need help! I'm begging the heavens to give me guidance because I don't know what to do --- except shadow work! I need my Higher Self to give me some hope that things will get better, that Im doing all the right things! I need HELP! I don't know how to contact! Can I contact my guides from a low vibration?


I feel like a Heart Broken Vegetable

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Darling girl. Your higher self is with you always. It’s your best version of yourself. But life constraints can prohibit you from allowing this .  You need to let your experiences and tried methods take time to bed in . This new level of counsiousness is gonna take time getting used to ? You can do meditations to connect with your spirit guide , if you like , meditation is a relaxing way to remove stress and pressure from yourself.. allow this journey to unfold, dont be in such a hurry .? There is no scripted right or wrong way into spiritually connecting with your higher self. You are on the right path by accepting the concept of your higher self .. look for patterns , coincidences , numeral timings ( 11:11 or 12:12 on a clock for example ) or just simply noticing when a guide is nearby , with its own personal symbology for you . Mine is  a white feather falling near me , to tell me I’m on the right path. For others , a red robin bird affirms a loved one in spirit is nearby . Be congruent with yourself and how you live your life and all things that are meant for  you will fall into place. I had my connection with my higher self , when I was relaxed , not expecting it , I was not drinking alcohol or smoking at the time , but I ate meat so not a vegan . But I’m told the purest version of yourself aids in the connection. So maybe vegan is best ?  Also , trauma can bring on this higher level connection , so spirit willing, you dont have emotional trauma ...  enlightenment and connection doesn’t have to be a ‘profound ‘ experience. Appreciating beauty , taking a moment to really look at your surroundings and hear bird song, feel the wind on your cheek or taste raindrops on the tongue can be a perfectly spiritual connection . 

Hope this helps ? Love and light 

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