ADVICE: My loving wife & I are 10 weeks Pregnant!

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My loving wife and I are 10 weeks Pregnant!

And i've never had children. 

Quite frankly.  I'm one part excited and in control

and another part terrified and nervous.


Talk with me a bit,  share some experiences.   I've watched Teal's videos on PARENTING 2.0 etc.   It resonated with me.    I have no idea what i'm doing.   :)


Also,   advice for a husband or partner of a pregnant wife or mother to be..

it's much more dificult for her at this time, but it's hard  for me too.   Not being able to help her with the pain or the nausea or the hormones.   I just do my best.   I could use some advice.

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2 hours ago, Garnet said:

Drinking ginger root tea or water should help with nausea)

Wait but is that completely safe for pregnant women? 

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Good point, Casia!

From my experience it does not take much... a few tiny-tiny pieces or drops of freshly squeezed juice per glass of water. Safe even for a cat to drink)

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The classic book “What to Expect When You are Expecting”.   

And for the baby get “I Have Loved You Since Forever” by Hoda Kotb. Get lots of picture books. 

Get “The Emotionally Absent Mother”.  Read it and then try your best to not be Emotionally Absent parents. 

But please remember:  there is no such thing as a perfect parent.  But there is such a thing as a good parent.  Don’t beat yourself up for not being perfect.  Do your best to be good.

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14 hours ago, Casia said:

Wait, do you think this will benefit my cat? 


Many can benefit from ginger!

Just do some research because it's known as blood thinner. 

If your cat is exclusively indoors, then yes, since he is most likely not getting grass from outside in his diet. Tiny bits of ginger every now and then improves digestion and blood circulation  reducing hairballs)

I've heard that pregnant women today offered vaccines. I don't know if it's true or not, but would definitely watch out for those.

Drinking 1 glass of lemon water religiously every day has great health benefits thanks to vitamin C. I know many people do it, pregnant or not. 



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