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CP Practitioner Training Homework

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CP Practitioner Training Homework


I attended Teal's practitioner training last week on Mt. Baldy in California.  I am brand-new to CP.  I am an RN about to be hired as director of nursing at a drug rehab in Southern California.  They are looking to incorporate the Completion Process into their work with clients, as insurance has cut the lengths of stay in recent years, marginalizing effectiveness at times. 

At the conclusion of training, I received my practitioner certificate. However, I was also given homework, as the volunteers noticed a tendency to "rush to healing," apparently a typical "fix-it" reaction of new male practitioners.  I need to do 10 CPs and one with another certified practitioner.  I asked my CEO, who is also certified, how I should write up my notes and the channel through which I should submit them.  He told me to go on the Completion Process website.

Well, here I am!  Still clueless, I'm afraid.  I wrote to one of Teal's staff yesterday, but have not heard back.  I have a feeling they want to see this turned around quickly.  At least that's the vibe I got from my boss.

If anyone has experienced homework after certification training and knows the format of how one's notes are supposed to go, I would welcome and appreciate your insight.




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