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Domestic Assault, Realities

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Domestic Assault, Realities

There are many things people get wrong about domestic violence. 

Domestic violence is an event that causes physical injury or the fear of physical injury between family members or household members. 

Domestic violence campaigns often focus on women and thus people think always women are victims of domestic assault. But the truth is men and women can be and are victims of domestic violence.

Remember these key facts, which debunk many intimate partner violence myths:

1. No amount of bad behaviour can induce someone to behave violently. 
2. Responding to violence with violence is only acceptable in cases of self-defence, not to punish the perpetrator.
3. No level of violence is normal or acceptable in a relationship; a person who resorts to violence once will likely do so again.
4. Domestic violence harms children even when the children are not physically abused; many police departments treat domestic violence in the presence of children as a form of child abuse.

If you are charged with an assault when you turned violent as a part of self-defence then you can definitely seek the help of a domestic violence lawyer.

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