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Consciousness shift

I just asked this question (pasted below) to be answered in an Ask Teal video series, anybody else interested in getting a response about this one and/or have any comments?

Considering the current transformation of a global consciousness shift awareness from 3D into 4D consistent with the zodiac moving into the age of Aquarius, can you expand upon your grounding video (how to ground yourself) and offer more specific techniques and tools (as many as you can become consciously aware of) for those of us (Asperger’s/Autism indigo people) that have great difficulty in not only being able to stably ground consciousness due to the effects of overstimulated upper chakras in the vessel of the physical body, but greatly expand upon how developmentally one may be able to overcome/integrate the trauma stemming the cause of the even further complicated task that an Asperger’s archetypal person will encounter of getting consciousness to stay physically grounded on a more permanent basis for the developmental expansionary purposes of people of this type?

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