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Evil is Afraid

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Evil is Afraid

So you really must think you're something SCARY . . .
With all that talking in my skull shit
Walking through my wall shit

I slither through the darkness
Punkin' out the heartless
Stepping my foot right on the face of Death's carcass
I'm shanking up terrors, punch 'em through the mirrors
Snatch a fucking spirit tryin' to dash up the stairs
Witching necromancer, headless boogie dancer
Haunting evil spirits out and knowing every answer

Not afraid of evil, slap it like mosquitoes
Blowing right up out the dark like a torpedo
Not afraid of any mummies or ZOMBIE fucking dummies
Or any fucking Frankensteins trying to run up on me
Vampire in my window, I recognized him though
He turned into a bat, I swat his ass and STOMP him on the floor

I'm fucking from the other side
You fuckers run and hide
I don't care you all got polio and you the one that died, bitch
Don't come haunting me, taunting from my tree
'Cause I'mma clown that ass and show you how horror can be

Evil is afraid
Evil is afraid

So you really must think you're something scary
With all that talking in my skull shit, walking through my wall shit

I caught a ghost in a jar
It's still in my car
You should've seen my homies faces when I showed them at the bar
I'm crawling through my walls, the same place it does
With the light's pitch black, c'mon bring it bitch! Whut?!
I stare it in its soul, melt it in a bowl
Feed it to my seven cats and neighbor's pit bulls
If it chokes me when I sleep thinking it's unique
It's gonna see some real terror from this horrifying freak
One was in my blender, I lost a couple fingers
In the end it wasn't really there, that's all I can remember
Yes I live alone, begging "Bring it on"
If you fucking think you scaring me, then we'll get it on

Evil is afraid

I'm not afraid of your bloody body
I don't care that you headless buddy
Fuck a ghost Devil death everybody
Crawling out your grave, dead stiff muddy

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