My story of healing depression

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About two years ago, my health deteriorated and I started to suffer symptoms I now know were the result of acute anxiety.  I had a very bad panic attack and started to feel that I was very unsafe and didn’t understand what I was experiencing.

A visit to my GP resulted in medication which just exacerbated my symptoms.  I want to a hypnotherapist for a few months and this helped to a point but I was still experiencing very distressing symptoms.  After a few very frightening weeks where I felt that I didn’t want to continue as I was, I went online and found a book, “Destroy Depression”.  Wow!  Then I googled its name and its website '' came up.  I purchased the book and CD and cried with relief whilst I read it.

I have been practicing for one to two hours a day for a year and half and NOW I feel as though my world is returning.  The symptoms of sweating, gut churning, pressure in my ears, blurred vision and a feeling of dread have all abated.  I still have a few residual sensations each day but I am confident these too will go.   It has been a LONG road …. very painful …. excruciating at times and I wondered MANY times if my life would ever improve.

My life has changed forever.  I am calmer, more resourceful and stronger person as a result of finding Destroy Depression (

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