Im just trying to be myself

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Im just trying to be myself

I do want to acknowledge something that I learned today

I want everyone who reads this or any other post from me to understand that when I say I'm here for you 

I really mean it a lot of times people can find it trite 

but trite doesnt mean it isnt true 

The reason it doesnt work is because most people think just saying these things fixes the problem

Your promises mean very little without the actions to follow them up with 

now I realize how painful it is to be in that space and be told you are not alone and still have no one to talk to

I have been through a lot myself so I hope I can be a grounding presence because I too felt lost and alone

Sometimes I still have those times 

I find that I feel less alone when I can use my knowledge to help others learn less painfully

I also spend a lot of time meditating and sitting with myself and my feelings 

I'm very hard to offend because of this practice

I understand we all have different perspectives 

so come to me with anything 

If anyone needs someone to talk to reply to this or message me 

I can promise nothing but that I can tell you that I will listen and make efforts to help you through anything you need 

I don't want to wait to start helping each other is all


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I only believe in relationships. Friendship is mostly bullshit but can help you build stuff... sometimes. You don't want to wait, but do you know what you want? I discovered today that that's a harder question to answer than I thought. Also all you have right now is what you don't want (sort of like me).

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