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I sit in a weird perspective it would seem

I see the teachings the universe offers so plainly

I feel the world around me so deeply

I want to help us heal more than anything

How do I create a space where we can heal?

I try to listen to my heart

I see a lot of life path potentials for my archetype

but I don't believe in labels 

and even more I don't believe in limits

I can do it all as long as its self loving to keep taking on more

I do see boundaries though

So I don't force energy 

As I know that is resistance in action

Feels like either I have strayed from my soul group or

I'm supposed to establish a community for them

So until I can do something physically about it

I want everyone to know that they can message or reply to me 

at any time about anything and I will try my best to respond

I want to offer a space for you to be open 

I will even talk to you on other venues

I want to be open and authentic

So help me out and talk to me

No one thinks or talks like this group of people does



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didn't mean to quote lol

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My name is really Britton :)

So I am myself lol 

Just a man with an open heart 

I strive for the betterment of society 

Not sure how I'll end up doing it yet 

Just very sure that is what I'm here to do


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My name really is Scot.  I want to have an open heart that is filled with loving-kindness. And I have been working on it for a while but I still have a lot of fear.  

I have heard a story something like “when you get to Heaven and meet God, He isn’t going to ask ‘why weren’t you Moses?’ or ‘why weren’t you Jesus?’.   No.  he isn’t going to ask that.  He is going to ask ‘why weren’t you Scot?  I wanted you to be Scot!”

well, I’m trying really hard to be Scot, but often fear holds me back.

I’m 50 years old and I’m still working on being me.

(By the way, I don’t actually believe in heaven or a God that has such a plan but I do like the metaphor.)

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Well do you want to talk about that with me here 

or in a different form like personal messages?

I just don't want you to have to hold back 

what kind of space would you need?

now on a general level if it helps

all of us struggle with this question

We all doubt ourselves 

If you are feeling down about it

Sit and meditate on this question

What do I want to be?

If you can sit with this then you can 

find out who you are at least a little at a time

If you can't get answers and all you get is feelings

maybe you are resisting who you are 

So I would say ask more direct questions

but for this I would suggest you use the buddy system 

This is shadow work and its kind of important to do 

with each other rather than solo

at first anyway


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@Scot I see your love shine through all the time when I read what you've written

Fear is always gonna be there

Bravery isn't about not having fear though 

Keep being you more and more everyday 

The God/heaven thing is a nice metaphor I like it

You didn't come here to be anyone else but you


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