Please Listen to Your Heart

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Please Listen to Your Heart

I feel the world as thoroughly as I can with as much awareness as I have in the moment

Constant growth being a venue for deeper understanding

Creates this feeling of endless learning and expansion

The more you learn the more you realize you dont know anything yet

Some are going to see this through more pain-filled eyes then myself

But for me this is what drives me

It gives me hope

As if I remember 

We came here to find ourselves in the dark

So that we can see what the light really looks like

I am not going to say I don't feel the fear that the rest of us feel

just that my hearts bravery overcomes that fear on a regular basis

I ask that you see yourself as the light 

As you watch yourself grow brighter

and realize that you are casting the shadows

Understand that we are all here doing the same

Know that you are not alone in your struggles

Many have already "found themselves" only to realize 

how much more room there is from that perspective

and get lost in their new dark

We are all still right here with you

You are loved

You are exactly where you need to be

Seeing exactly what you need to see

So that you can become your true self

The highest honor we could have is to be graced with your full embodiment 

Allow yourself to love and be loved again

You are closer to perfect than you give yourself credit for

You are not the only one who gets down on themselves 

We all have things that eat away at us

but if we listen to our heart we will be moved forward

We will start to rise up and

become what we always wanted

The more we can feel

The more we can heal

From one bleeding heart to another

 You are both my inspiration

and my tourniquet 

  My love grows brighter

  for me

   for you

  for us

As we heal together

I hope we realize 

this is our home and

these are our people

therefore our problems and

our shadows must be owned together

because that is the only space we can heal from

Connection is key

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