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Emerald Wilkins

Sooo Many EARTH SIGNS!!!!

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Sooo Many EARTH SIGNS!!!!

So, I was born on April 26, 1989 at 3:01 PM. 

My Sun sign is Taurus, which is leader of the Earth house.

My Moon sign is Sagittarius which is also an Earth sign.

My Ascendent is Virgo which is also an Earth sign.

My Chinese Zodiac sign is year of the snake, and snakes are also notoriously linked to the Earth due to their proximity to the ground.

Also, the year of the snake that happened in 1989 was the year of the Earth snake. 1977 was fire snake. 2001 and 2013, were water and air snakes. 

So, everything's very EARTH for me! Does anyone on here know what that would mean for me? 

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