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did I see a ghost ?

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did I see a ghost ?

I am 19 years old and quite new to all of this here. But I’m kinda freaking out right now. Today at 3 am I woke up and I saw a person kneeling down in my room, looking at my dog, for some reason. I could describe exactly what he looked like but I guess that doesn’t rlly matter. I am 100% sure that I was awake and I was able to move. When I saw him i started panicking even though he looked quite peaceful. I yelled at him to leave and he looked at me and then disappeared slowly. like he just faded away. All in all everything happend in about 10 seconds. But I was scared to fall asleep after and I really don’t know what that whole experience was. 

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I definately can't answer your question; what you saw was yours, not mine. I can't speak authoritatively about your experiences, when they aren't mine. Nor should I even try!

That's my preface, heh.

I've had a few experiences, mainly in a house a lot of other, more cynical people thought was 'haunted'. A lot of strange happenings, voices, things happening that didn't make much sense at all. I never made my mind up about it all. But one thing I took away from it, after having a few experiences of it trying to talk to me, inexplicable little things happening... I never saw any reason to worry about it. I always wish I'd been able to spend more time there, to find out more. But what I took away was that it's no more threatening or harmful than anyone alive. My mother-in-law is quite a believer in the continuation of those who've died... her philosophy has always been that they are just a continuation of what already was; most people are safe. So it follows, so are most ghosts. I find myself agreeing with her quite a bit in that domain.

If someone's lonely, and wanting to make a connection, I think it's worth considering that above all else. If they're alive, dead, a projection or imaginary... no difference. It's still worth considering. People are people, and ghosts, if they exist, are just fragments of people. If there's anything powerful enough to warrant sticking around in the world after death, then that's something worth looking at, and at the very least, wondering about!

So to your story, I'd say... maybe. I don't know. I want to ask, why did you not want them there, what were you worried about? And, hey, if you see them again, let them know; I'd love to meet them! They're always welcome here! Just let them know to head towards the foulest, most thoughtless edge of the world, and there'll be a little patch of land here for them to hang about on. Heh. 😛

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