Empathy Problems

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Empathy Problems

-False Empathy-

The act of jumping into someones shoes only long enough to get them to think you care

then not actually caring for them afterward  or pretending you care in order to get something

Its not necessarily something people do on purpose but it definitely happens a lot 

I know a lot of you other empaths feel me on this :)

You get your hopes up just like I do that they really are here and present with us 

then they drop right back down and you're like "What just happened?"

Like they got a download but it was just a real small one lol

But seriously its almost like their soul is imprisoned by their ego

As if it lets you see that the soul is still there but takes it right back to its cage

like an internal hostage situation

I'm saying soul and ego but you can also see it as heart and mind or higher self and self or whatever you see it as

I just don't believe its caused by duality (as in good and evil) because its really just hurt people

acting how hurt people act

Please don't let it anger you when you see it happen

I know I get frustrated with it but we have to let this make us more empathetic not less

These people have to hide themselves away they are to afraid to be hurt 

Feelings are the scariest thing in the world to some of these people

Its because they've been taught that emotions will only get you hurt

Somehow they were taught not to listen to their own feelings

Now the mind gets to act like its protecting the heart from the world

while really it just cuts off the connection to it

 The world is safer to them this way

They may even think they found a secret path

They have no idea that they are hurting themselves

They cant see what we see yet

It sucks but that is one of the harsher realities here

work with them if you can though try to get them into their feelings don't be too pushy obviously

but help em break all the way out of their shell you may even like them when they are themselves

People Who Always "Fake" Their Pain 

And I mean out right doing it to where we don't need extrasensory anythings to see the signs you're putting out

I  would never invalidate someones pain but can we talk about how they try to play us though

we as empaths can feel you

and it makes it kinda hard to lie about stuff

For these people it seems at the core they just need to be seen, heard, felt, anything really

They may need constant validation to insure their safety 

When mind/ego notices its being invalidated itll work on plans to get what it desires

when people are in pain or need help as an empath your instinct is to help them

regardless of their intentions you can feel them almost pull you in or grab for you

not everyone needs the same kind of healing though some of us get blinded by

our need to help so badly that we will walk into any situation

and sometimes you can even tell right away they didn't need you and then you feel trapped

like you were there to help and they just want sympathy not healing 

some people are doing this subconsciously

like feeling levels of pain that do not seem equivalent to what happened to them

as if the ego is feeding off the attention rather than just acknowledging the pain

and moving forward

It needs to have everyone recognize its pain and help love it till its healed but

it cant let the pain end cause then the healing stops

so they feel trapped in it once they start

hurts me so much cause theres really nothing you can do about how they are feeling

until you can get them talking about there real problems

now that part can be kinda easy depending on the person just start validating their pain

and if they mention any kind of problem they are having in life

hone in on it you can kinda try to help fight the shadows with them

and I'm not trying to say that we know their pain better than they do 

but that we see everyones' pain and  with that as the scale

we can kinda guess when people are being a bit overboard and be pretty accurate in doing so

so while it may bother us that they do this we should remember that they are trying their best to hold it together

i would suggest befriending them and helping the universe communicate with them 

If you see it as i know you do 

You see them crying out for help from their real pain

Their shadows overwhelming them

We must try to heal our all our hurt people

Even if we are at first offended by them

Once you can identify how to help someone

Your heart wont let you not do it :) 

unconditional love is both what they need

and what empaths do on accident everyday 

they need to feel it in themselves but we may be the reflection they need to see

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