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Gold Cobra

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Gold Cobra


Lleo Oneiro born 08 19 1980
Fred Durst born 08 20 1970
there exists a  slither of degrees where Real Leo's abide
King of Kings
Gold Cobras

Check this 
Waking up aggravated
Stupid shit man I hate it
Bitches lyin' bitches cryin'
Suicidal? get in line

Gettin' mine bouncin' freaks
Loosing sleep countin' sheep
Absolute cash and loot
Men in black packin' heat
Born and blazin' rotten raisin'
Fingers up time to waive 'em
Show these players playin' that 
They better get there ass to prayin'
There won't be nuttin' but dice 
After the cut in the guttin'
Like a fish they gonna wish 
They never pushed my button

The door is shuttin' and a knife 
Will do you no good
You gettin' nuttin' while 
I rock here in Hollywood
I'll tell you somethin' else 
You can take it to the bank
I don't give a fuck what none of y'all people think
Holdin' the gold it's so gold it's so golden y'all
Golden cobra
that's right
Yeah, that's right
(Shut the fuck up)
Feelin' Korn going blind
Free as hell doin' time
I'm insane can't complain
Flush you turds down the drain
Down the hatch throwin' craps
Throwin' matches on the gas
Check the match check the will
Check the ride payin bills
Burnin' mouths wanna smile
If you're feelin' versatile
Versus while flippin' bitches
Grindin' trucks skatin' ditches
Hatin' all the Harley hatin' 
Knife is slicin' shit like bacon
Sick and tired you is fired
I'm the truth and you's the liar

Oh yeah listen what I'm tellin' you 

There's only one king on this hill 
It sure as hell ain't you

Holdin' the gold it's so gold it's so golden y'all
Golden Cobra

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