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Free voice readings | clairaudiance | skype

I can give you readings based on your voice and how you talk, and how you move when talking. It's NOT a therapy. It can be not what you need. It can be not what you can hear.
But anyway, let's try )

Well, what do I do? when people talk to me, I hear the energy that also talks tthrough them. I can reflect back that meanings, and add what I hear from the Cosmos. 
Well, what do you do? You just talk about your issues. And say yes or no to my feedback, and you can stop me at any time.

Well, who the hell am I?
I'm Darya. I'm Russian, but quite fluent in English. For about 7 years I am practicing reading photos, but I'm better connected to myself and thus the Universe when I hear people talking and respond.
Strict confidentiality of our talk is guaranteed by me personally, and by the mechanics of the process - after the session I can barely remember a word from talking.

The process is free, but if you feel you need to give back something, I will be very glad to receive any sum.
I will talk only to people I feel drawn to, not everyone can benefit from it.

My skype is Darya Belokryltseva (white-violet face on the avatar)

Listening here.

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