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People suffer but what do we do? how can we help them?

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THIS WAS MY QUESTION the website signed me as a different person.  sorry about confusion So, now I'm at a point where I have re wired my brain so much as to rid of old beliefs and also intentionally create my life, about who I am and the universe, but, I was talking to someone who is absolutely suffering, they have been suspended, they are looking after there sister, they are ill, I told them about LOW and that I can understand them, but I realised how many people are in pain, suffering, I wrote a little short story on facebook to help people, but... I now am on the edge of an understanding, I asked angels and spirit guides what they do when they see humanity suffering, please, what do I do when I know my life can be full of blessings and contrast will be a lesson and blessing, but, what about everyone else who doesn't know about this and suffers?

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I pretty much have the same question. Someone dear to me suffers a lot, and I feel i must help but don't know how. I don't think he'd be able to receive info on the law of attraction without it pissing him off. Frankly the law of attraction is a bitch, it lends to downward spirals, and info on it could easily sound like I was blaming him. I see his negative focus creating crappy events in his life. It's like he's often in a feedback loop. Or maybe even always.

Why i pulled this man into my life is another question. I don't know why i did it though there was a strong feeling of recognition. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a soul contract involved. 

In any case, i want to help and don't know how and his unhappiness does drag at me, and i dont know what to do about that either.

Can anyone offer help?



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