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People suffer but what do we do? how can we help them?

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So, now I'm at a point where I have re wired my brain so much as to rid of old beliefs and also intentionally create my life, about who I am and the universe, but, I was talking to someone who is absolutely suffering, they have been suspended, they are looking after there sister, they are ill, I told them about LOW and that I can understand them, but I realised how many people are in pain, suffering, I wrote a little short story on facebook to help people, but... I now am on the edge of an understanding, I asked angels and spirit guides what they do when they see humanity suffering, please, what do I do when I know my life can be full of blessings and contrast will be a lesson and blessing, but, what about everyone else who doesn't know about this and suffers?

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The world is a cosmic crypt.

"Abandon all hope, ye who enter here" and all that.

The world is suffering, and most people, most of the time, will naturally be attached to it, and suffer. It's okay.

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If you do not know the path they have chosen you cannot understand how they should get there. 

I'm going to simplify this, only because there is so much to this that it makes it difficult to do any justice to the subject. 

We have chosen a particular thing to learn or expand ourselves in spiritually. Suffering and trauma offers us this expansion. Does it feel good? No. But there are many people that have demonstrated that you can overcome and be at peace with suffering and traumatic events...Teal is one of those people as are many people within this forum.

Suffering can also be part of how you perceive your world to be or should be. Teal's perspective will be different to your perspective and others perspective on suffering. A person can also increase their suffering as the contrast is to find a different way or solution. This person you're referring to may be wanting to learn something from their experience and eventually something will change. Whether it is for better or worse belongs to the beholder.

Those who are empathetic suffer when others suffer. However, those that are empathetic and understand the suffering perspective and expansion that life offers, will most likely see it from a different perspective. The best way to help those that are suffering is to lead with your vibration. But your vibration needs to be one that they will follow, not one that creates more pain because you're now suffering together. Be the light and strength that they need, this is as compassionate as doing nothing but weeping for their suffering.

Respect their path and become a guiding light. We cannot control how others choose to live, it is their choice and their contrast. You can be there for them, but you cannot change them, otherwise that is about you and not them, because it is about your suffering and not their journey.

This is a very simplistic view to illustrate a couple of small things that could make a big difference when you're dealing with your friend from a spirtual perspective.

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