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Intentional Communities

I live in Toledo, Ohio its supposed to be a stressful place to live but isn't everywhere right now?

I am interested in starting intentional community where i live but im having trouble finding people of like mind near me

so while i am seeking people near me i am open to new ideas and new surroundings being that i cant hold myself back much longer

i really want to help the world and i want to find groups of people that also see how things could be improved not to focus on the problems

but to actually work on solutions 

im not opposed to shadow work dont take that the wrong way

its often the case that we see the solutions to our problems  through our shadow work

and other self reflection practices

i just want to create a space where our healers can heal 

where our empaths dont have to hide away 

where our children don't have to grow up by giving up their dreams

because we have no reason not to let them invent the new world around us

we have a physical version of telepathy now and its called the internet

the thing that we havent used it for yet though is building the world that we deserve

we can comunicate near instantly to anywhere in the world now we can much better

here everyones voice if we give them the tools to speak

i think the world is definitely on the precipice of greatness and i want to know

who wants to help me make it happen faster :)

feel free to respond regardless of the area you live

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I made a post similar to this a few months ago. Didn't get much response. But I know multiple people interested in it. Currently they are all spread out across the country. But I like what you say about it,  love your dream and i share it. I hoped people would start meeting in person more but I didn't get much response when I posted... 

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Maybe we can set up meet ups  I think i seen you post about this 

My heart really needs to see this world for what it can be so much so that its willing to lead others and it never wants to be in charge of others :P 

I am so ready to heal and be healed that it seeps into my everyday world now (which i mean it always should have) and I dont want to have the

unaware people around me dealing with the shadows that may bring. Without a community I became more of a world healer in the sense that

I work on my shadows and any shadows around me that I see. I accumulate a lot in this way though because I've opened up my perception a

bit more I can see how I am adding to the collective unconsious just by being somewhere I dont exactly want to be.

I've been hurting myself in more ways then one. I smoke both tobacoo and marijuana to calm the anxiety that I get when feeling into

the world. I feel as if its a past life thing as well like my soul was here as a shaman or something once and this method worked.

I get vision in the smoke but I use em like ink blot tests so its just a venue in which I found my reflection. I feel like if I were to be with

more lets say awakened people I wouldnt feel the same impulses that I do when I'm around in our usual society. 

I just started both at a very early age, 12 ( yes thats way to young) I should have never started smoking cigarettes and I am working on quiting

Its not exactly blocking me from shining through but my heart still wants for me to stop I picked up this coping mechanism and I want to 

put it down now cause its heavy both physically and spiritually. I want to start working toward the 

solutions i can see clear as day in the distance. I hope I made it part way clear atleast that I am clearing my own path shadows.

I will be cleaning up my vibration but its not like I'm not already present. I'm in pain but I try not to let that blind my feelings and thoughts.

I will not disassociate with my pain though so I will never be as much of a burden as my habits may suggest  they are what I found before I found this. Before I woke up and came to this world to really experience it I made a few bad choices. But all of us have shadows so I'm here to help them through it regardless.

Warning: I speak in volumes I appologize



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Greeting. Just what is a intentional community? That's a pretty wide ranging class. I'm sure the intentional communities in Dearborn, Michigan would welcome you with open nooses..... I mean arms. Just kidding. You think Toledo, Ohio, is stressful?  What about the people who live in Chicago? (never been there but read the crime there). Times aren't what they used to be even a decade ago.  I know I wouldn't fit in. I don't think you would either (that is in Dearborn, please refrain from moving their at the present time.)

Anyway. We already have or perhaps had de facto intentional communities anywhere there is a collaboration, club, civic association, pseudo town, micro-state, town, village, county, state or country. I know, I'm in the time machine again. How and why did the Greek 'city states' form?  How did that eventually become Greece? Common history, culture, purpose and protection. By the way, I think protection is a big part of,  without which the other three would fail because we live in a competitive environment, be it passive or active. A few items to consider. Something to promote communication between members. A center of communications of some sort, a physical or virtual. You also don't want an open door in term of joining a community. You'll have to set rules and criteria, as well as how, who and what would set the same. I remember reading a story that took place on a college campus. A new student organization was destroyed by an older established group. Used their larger sized group to infiltrate and take over the startup. Became a scandal. You may also need some legal advice depending upon the place and or entity you are trying to organize thereby keeping a clean legal nose. The skies the limit beyond the money and effort that may be required. Try to pull together a little more detail or start in smaller chunks to deal with the problems you may anticipate. What would the community do to support itself. What type of worker, etc.. would be needed? and the list goes on. If you chip away at each question you can come up with, collaborate on stumbling blocks and in time you may get something started. Hope this helps to add clarity.

While researching, an advertisement caught my eye. A Sci fy thing: Ever dreamed you could live like the Ewoks in Star Wars. I'd forgotten they lived in treehouses. Check out "Finca Bellavista - a treehouse community". It's also apparently down in Costa Rica. Try to pull together a little more detail or start in smaller chunks to deal with the problems. What would the community do to support itself. What type of worker, etc.. would be needed? and the list goes on. If you chip away at each question you can come up with, collaborate on stumbling blocks, in time you may get something started. Hope this helps to add clarity.

Just some  parting thoughts.

As I view history, in general, there are ebbs and flows, valleys and crest, much like being on a small boat in the tumultuous ocean. While your in  the valley you can't see what is ahead until you start to approach the peak. History is no different. I think the future is bright if you look at history as a guide. You just need enough patience.

I have never smoked or drank alcohol as I from day one held to an "Eyes Open Wide" policy (my new phrase). The idea being, I want to experience everything in life as much as possible without distractions too allow for  intense focus to allow me to better understand my existence and the path I walk. (I think Sun Tzu must have understood this principle). Had my nose in a book from early on (6... 8?) in books on topics ranging from biology, geology, chemistry, physics, electronics, computer programming, astronomy...including some spiritual books on transcendental meditation, color therapy.... books on philosophy, and plenty of books on history.... etc list goes on. This was of course my choice. I figured it wouldn't hurt to know a little about different subjects the connections and patterns common among them (this is a little arm chair quarter backing as it was a joy when I could see a connection between two seemingly unrelated subject). Couldn't do that if I was distracted. One good reason to work ending the smoking. It is possible to do. Had a coworker who smoked a lot. Worked out of the company van. Tell you what. Even surprised him to see the yellow sticky residue left on the ceiling of the van. He quit when he started having heart problems. Started chewing gum instead of the cigarette for quite a while. So it is possible. Where there is a will, there is a way.

Speak in volumes. You must have as large a collection of books as I do. Quite a few volumes myself.

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I've also been very interested in intentional communities lately, I think it's an amazing idea. I would love to be in a community whose core principles are that of self awareness and healing. A community that does their best to take responsibility for their actions and that is willing to be as conscious as possible in order to support positive changes, healing and true well-being. A community whose mission is to help each other be free from ego and create a world based on true freedom, creativity, and joy. 


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@Paradoxical-Reality :)

hello there are many of us out here I want to meet people where they are in both in the physical and the etheric

I'm obviously interested as well and I want to capitalize on what @BeyondTheRim was getting at 

they are making a valid point 

What does it look like to you 

ask your friends ask your community 

post in the forums about it as well

continue to help the community come together

I want to meet up with anyone who wants to try to make this world a better place 

so feel free to message me on here as well

thank you for responding you have made my day

Your fire lights my fire lights our fire lights their fire 

ya feel me :P

hope to here from you soon 

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