Braces and teeth health

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I have braces inside of my teeth on my front lower and upper teeth and my dentist told me that I need them for the rest of my life O.o  they look similar to this:retainer-2.jpg 

I was wondering if keeping these there will restrict my flow of chakras in any way? I think my intuition is telling me to get rid of them, almost as if the braces are holding me back in a way if I keep them there. Some other info about my teeth is I have some fillings, removed my lower wisdom teeth, broke my front bottom tooth in half so the root is filled and the top half replaced with fake white tooth, and I have some unhealed cavities.

I am trying to learn more about the spiritual meaning behind teeth problems and how to heal them. I love Teals video about finding the root cause of your illness or ailment, to see which aspects needs to be healed energetically/emotionally. A teeth "reading", or any thoughts about the topic at all would be greatly appreciated! :D

Thanks <3

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Well, teeth can be quite interesting to research actually. I remember Teal mention once that, Teeth can potentially heal their own cavities. I remember thinking how amazing this was.

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I am super interested in teeth too and I do believe they can heal from cavities! Everything can heal in our body I believe.

Follow your intuition. I would get the same feeling about it. I find it a bit strange that the dentist told you that you have to keep them for the rest of your life to be honest... Maybe it's just to keep the front teeth straight because they tend to move back as they were if there is not enough space (that's what happened to me after removing my braces from my lower teeth, but I don't mind as they're not too misaligned and I'm tired of braces).

Also, from personal experience I find that a lot of dentists don't know many things about teeth... for example they don't know what kind of vitamins / nutrients they need to be healthy, they don't know exactly how a cavity forms, etc.. they only know how to "fix" them, but this might just be my projection for the fact that I believe that our current health system focuses on curing the symptom but without looking at the cause of the problem. 

I don't know about the chakras flow... intuitively I don't think it would have that much of an effect on it.. but I don't know enough about it..

I would suggest you books like: Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Weston Price, and another book about healing cavities by Ramiel Nagel. Honestly I think there is much more than these books can offer, but I haven't found more than that yet..


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Braces not only gives you to have a great smile, it will also keep your smile beautiful.

I don't think so you have to keep your braces for the rest of your life. For the average adult , they wear braces for 18 months to three years. It is better you should consult with an experienced dentist like Feiz Dental, Cal Dental Group, etc. A professional dentist should be able to give you a good estimate of your treatment.

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