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Balancing shadow work and joy/happines

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This is an issue with me currently...realized something now that I might have realized before but anyway, the thing is that I probably experience emotional triggers everyday and also probably at most of the times I don't even recognize the sensations as triggers.

So I go about ignoring those sensations or act out on the emotions rather than integrating them. I had such a time in my life where I almost integrated something once every day. But doing it so often diminished my happiness. We are talking about going into negative felt emotions almost every time a trigger appears. Now imagen that every day...yea I cant keep that up for long anymore -.-'

So I want to find relief, joy or happiness as long as I can before going back into these things again. The triggers are getting louder though, in time I'm gonna face them but for now I just want to be able to feel as happy as possible for some time. 

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there is the option, to sit with a positive emotion and let that expand into your whole being and enjoy it as a "meditation", or dive into it to see when that occurred for the first time, that is sometimes helpful and fun too... you dont have to wait for triggers to be completely present with yourself, just notice in a moment when you feel good or ok, and use this to fully feel it.

also, you can through happy memories or thoughts, by will induce a state of positive emotion and then from that point let the happiness expand into your being and feel it. be present with the aspect of you that wants to breathe and feel happy, and fulfill that need, seek out activities that you know make you feel happy

everyone needs a break sometimes

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